Women and Gas Stations

In a series of bizarre commercials, ExxonMobil appeals to parents and moms in particular to use their gasoline.

ExxonMobil To Moms: Fill Up Here, Gain Free Time



Appeals to women are nothing new, though, as reporter  notes in this story:

Almost from the time the first service stations opened, big oil doted on women, writes Katherine J. Parkin in her book, Women at the Wheel: A Century of Buying, Driving and Fixing Cars, which even credits the need to cater to women for prompting gas stations to compete to claim the cleanest restrooms, as far back as 1938Image result for texaco bathroom ad

Gasoline companies also liked to sell women, as with the campaign to have certified nurses who worked at gas stations to verify that the stations were clean.

Image result for gas ad gulf tourguard

Check out my book for more ways that gasoline and oil companies marketed their products to women, as well as the appliances and promotional items they sold as well!



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